-Currently On Tap-

Pocket Full of Rye IPA

IPA brewed with over 25% rye malt. Includes Simcoe and Amarillo hops to compliment the spiciness of the rye.

Daily Allowance

Trappist Single. Refreshing Belgian ale that monks could drink daily and not get sauced.

Pink Cashmere IPA

Our competition beer for the Warren Beer Festival. Made with 100% Michigan ingredients including 100% Cashmere hops. Malt from MotorCity Malt House. It has melon and stone fruit aroma and flavor. 

Czech Yo Self

Czech Amber Lager. Caramel and bread flavors are prominent with a pleasant hop presence for a clean finish. 

Stout Flavored Stout

American Stout made with barley, hops, yeast and water.

Piwo Grodziskie

A historical Polish/German ale brewed with 100% oak smoked wheat malt giving it a very pale color and light smokiness, which is reminiscent of kielbasa, and a clean hop bitterness. 

Must Have IPA

NEIPA fermented with white wine must for added fruity sweetness and complexity. 


Doppelbock. Rich, malty and complex lager that showcases German malts. Mount up!


-On Deck-


Honey Lager

Farmhouse Funk