-Currently On Tap-

The Lemon Drop

Saison made with Lemon Drop hops

Funk Yeah

Fruity, dry, slightly tart Farmhouse Ale


A Belgian Tripel. Strong golden ale with notes of orange, plum and pepper due to Belgian yeast. 

Bubba the Dingo

Bubbalicious IPA with Australian hops. Strong pineapple and tropical flavor and aroma from hops and yeast. 

I'll be Bock

A German amber lager, a traditional bock. Very malty but much drier than a doppelbock.

Rock the Kazbek

A Czech pilsner with 100% Kazbek hops which are similar to Saaz hops with a hint of lemon.

Your Dad's IPA

DIPA with a ton of pine and citrus flavor. 68 IBU

Wit's End

Light and refreshing Belgian wheat ale


-On Deck-

Smokey Jalapeno Ale

Belgian Dark Strong

Session IPA