About The Brewery

Jamex Brewing is the brainchild of Jeff and Kat Kaye. 

They first were introduced to the craft beer word after spending a few years in San Diego. Right away they were enamored with the entire craft beer culture. It was so laid back, creative, and inviting!

Jamex Brewing Co. prides itself on its use of a large variety of high quality malts, hops, and yeast strains in order to produce exceptional and true-to-style flavors. We also purchase a large portion of ingredients from Michigan maltsters and hop farms. 

Our small 2-barrel batch system gives us the ability to experiment and try new recipes all the time. We were tired of going to breweries and drinking the same thing every time. We wanted to have new beers on tap weekly so customers would always have a new beer to fall in love with every 7 days. 

We are proud to be a part of Michigan’s newest beer city and take great pride in serving the very best beer for the very best people! 

We love you St Clair Shores!


About The Brewmaster

Jeff Kaye

Jeff Kaye is a husband and father to two young boys and one precious little girl. He has always enjoyed fine beer, but his passion for brewing started when he and his wife moved to San Diego & fell in love with craft beer culture.

For one birthday, he set out to make a batch in their very hot, poorly air-conditioned Southern California apartment. If you know anything about making beer, you will know that this did not turn out well!

The first brewing mishap did not deter Jeff, who is a biochemist and historian at heart. He began his own research to discover everything about yeast behavior, different malted grains, and ever-evolving hops. He studied the history of each beer style based on climate, geography, water, and culture.

He won a bronze medal for his Doppelbock at the Michigan Beer Cup, and is always researching and tinkering, constantly looking for new trends and recipes.

He looks forward to making brewing his life!

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